Flipkart GRiD is hiring Software Development Engineers at ₹32 LPA

Flipkart GRiD is back with its 5th season & is hiring *Software Development Engineers at ₹32 LPA & interns at ₹1 Lakh/month* through Flipkart GRiD 5.0

Eligibility:All B.Tech/B.E/B.S/M.S/M.Tech Engineering Students (Batch 2024,2025, 2026 & 2027) – NO CODING REQUIRED

Level 1: Tech & E-Commerce Quiz

Each team that has registered must complete an online test.Each team member must participate in the quiz round.Based on the average scores of the team members participating in the quiz round, a team will be given a score.During the test window, all teams will take this quiz concurrently.Both accuracy (score) and speed (finish time) will be used to rank each participant; therefore, if two teams have the same score but finished earlier, the earlier team will be placed higher.Depending on how well they score in this evaluation, participating teams will advance to the next phase.It will be centered on tech (Technology Awareness + Techs) and e-commerce trivia (reference: https://stories.flipkart.com).

Level 2: Round of Submission

Level 1 shortlisted teams will have to take part in level 2.
Depending on the domain area of interest you chose after level 1, a problem statement will be presented to you.
Each problem statement assigned to a team will only be available to that team.
You may submit your work until the level’s deadline at any moment during the challenge term.
Here is where the contestants can condense their videos.
At this level, submitting the functional proof of concept together with the demo video and code submission is expected.
Based on their performance, participating teams in this level will advance to the next level.

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